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Corporate social responsibility

We provide outstanding adult residential education for the empowerment and transformation of individuals and communities

We achieve this on our Free Thinking Programme through our outstanding teaching and the philanthropy of people like you.

As one of the country's leading adult colleges, we have gained the expertise and the experience to make real, lasting change to survivors of human trafficking lives and your donation will help us to do this.

The programme is the first of its kind in Britain and is responding to an educational need for survivors, its aim is to rebuild self confidence and trust and encourage independence in people who have often been subject to appalling treatment at the hands of traffickers.

As well as aiming to rebuild self-confidence and trust and encourage independence, the Free Thinking Programme will provide survivors with opportunities to develop their English Language and ICT Skills, Applying for Work, Interview Techniques, Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace, Team Skills, Dealing with Conflict and Living in the UK.

We are ambitious

The college sets itself stretching targets so we are driven to achieve more for our students

If you'd like more information, please contact the Free Thinking Programme by emailing pgibson at northern dot ac dot uk or calling 01226 776000.

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An overview of the media profile

The college appreciates that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a key element to any business, giving back to society, investing in communities and people?s futures. Part of any good CSR policy is a positive and vibrant media profile and involvement in a prominent, national project such as the Free Thinking Programme can only add to that. Partners to the Free Thinking Programme will be invited to share in publicity and success stories arising from the programme. We will be holding a celebratory garden party on the last day of the course (27th July 2018) which all of our supporters and partners are invited to participate in.

Throughout the programme students will be recording their progress inside and outside of the classroom and we are happy to provide you with these case studies, taking into account safeguarding and confidentiality issues.

For more on recent media attention the college has received, please click here.
Alternatively visit our social media pages @northerncollege Facebook | @ncomlearn | @Northerncollege

You may be interested to note that Northern College is a charitable company limited by guarantee and therefore, any donation or contribution to this programme would be regarded as charitable giving.

Changing the lives of survivors

Each year in the UK, it is estimated that around 13,000 people are victims of trafficking. Funding for the programme has initially come from the college?s own reserves, with only some of the students eligible for government funding. However, this work cannot be sustained in the long term without the generosity and social conscience of organisations. The college is actively seeking sponsors to help support this incredibly exciting and valuable work.

What would your donation provide?

As donators we'd like to explain to you how the funds would be used. Northern College provides an exceptional quality of additional learning and pastoral support to students, vital for those who have very low levels of personal confidence and self-esteem. The residential setting, coupled with these high levels of support enables students to make maximum use of their time spent at college. Survivors often have children and Northern College provides an on-site, Ofsted inspected children?s centre, which delivers care to children aged 6 months to 5 years during school term time. To gather these necessary funds, Northern College will be setting up a bursary scheme and inviting partner organisations to make a donation which would support students whilst they are on the Free Thinking Programme.

If the programme stops

If we are unsuccessful in securing sufficient funds then, ultimately, the Free Thinking Programme will cease. This would significantly impact upon survivors of human trafficking, as well as the wider, social network of dependent children, family, friends and the wider community where they live. They will lose an opportunity to use education to successfully rebuild their lives and enjoy a positive, fulfilling future. There is also evidence that when survivors see no hope for the future, there is a serious risk that they are then drawn back into the slavery that they have escaped. Finally, without the testimony of these victims, law enforcement agencies will find it very difficult to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice, leaving them free to destroy the lives of many others.

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